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Teaching robotics : diagnosis of practices and audiences & recommandations

Since October 2020, Ligue de l’enseignement Nouvelle-Aquitaine and five European organisations – Scuola Di Robotica (Italy), Elektrons Libres (France), Gymnasium GoetheSchule (Germany), Escola Secundaria de Barcelinhos (Portugal) and MNU (Germany) – have been working together on the EU-RATE (European Robotic Access To Everybody) project, funded by ERASMUS +.

The aim is to equip teachers and educational workers and make it easier to set up educational robotics projects for 8-14 year-olds.

As part of this, we carried out a study into the use of educational robotics in our various countries, supported by questionnaires sent to parents, teachers, stakeholders and young people, as well as interviews with experts. Recommendations for the future of our project have emerged from this study.

You can find a summary of the study and the full publication in english and in French. The summary of the publication is also available in portuguese, german and italian.

Teaching materials

We have produced complete educational kits for teaching robotics to 8-10 and 11-14 year-olds in all the languages of the project partners. By clicking on the download button for the language you require, you will find :

  1.  the “8-10 year olds” pack, including the educational guide + dedicated powerpoints ;
  2.  the “11-14 year olds” file, including the educational guide + dedicated powerpoints. 

Each workshop (around a dozen for each age group) has a step-by-step teaching guide and a powerpoint that can be shown in class. 

Required materials :

  1. The “8-10 years” educational kit uses the Micro:Bit card, the Boson for Micro-Bit kit and the MaqueenPlus robot (v1 or v2). 3 “starter” workshops can be run without robots (unplugged or on Scratch). 
  2. The “11-14 years” educational kit uses the Micro:Bit card, the MaqueenPlus robot (v1 or v2) and the EU-BOT do-it-yourself robot.