Multiplier events

After months of work on robots and educational resources, it is time to present the results of our collaboration to the public!
The project’s final conference was held on 7 July in Bordeaux, France. 
Also, at the end of January and beginning of February, presentation days of the project and its productions took place in the different countries involved:
🇩🇪 Thursday 26 January at SchülerForschungsZentrum Nordhessen SFN Parkstr.16, 34119 Kassel (Germany)
🇫🇷 Friday 27 January at Collège Irandatz, 13 r Bigarena, 64700 Hendaye (France)
🇮🇹 Thursday 02 February at Erzelli, Liguria Digitale (Italy)
🇵🇹 Wednesday 15 February at the municipal library, Barcelos (Portugal)


On friday 7th of July 2023 the consortium organised the final conference of the EU-RATE project. The programme included a presentation of all our deliverables (the study on teaching robotics in Europe and our educational booklets) and the testing of the workshops produced. The 35 participants gave us very positive feedback and the event was a real success! All participants wish to use our productions and disseminate the robotic kit. Many ideas came out as to continue to train teachers and youth leaders, share in other platforms the results and use the mail adress eu-rate to communicate with the interested educational actors. Eu-Rate will continue to live and to be developed as all the productions are open source and available in the website in all consortium languages.

French multiplier Event

On the 27th of January 2023,  the multiplier event was organised in Hendaye, France, with about fifteen participants, including teachers, animators, employees of the department or youth referents of the region.
Thus, we were able to present our productions: the 2 educational sequences created (one for 8-10 year olds and one for 11-14 year olds) and the robots used for this purpose!
It was an opportunity to test and collect feedback (mostly very positive!) from the educational actors present!
Thank you to all the participants and to the Irandatz secondary school for its welcome.


The italian multiplier event managed by Scuola di Robotica took place at Liguria Digitale on February 2nd 2023 and was attended by fifteen teachers from different schools, both primary and secondary.
During the workshop, some of the activities carried out during the project were presented.
The teachers were then divided into groups and worked on the Boson, Maqueen and EU-Bot teaching kits.
At the end of the multiplier event all teachers answered the questionnaire and the satisfaction was very high!
Many thanks to all the participants !


The german multiplier event was hosted by MNU at the SFN in Kassel. It took place on January 26th and was attended by primary and secondary teachers, even some students of the University Kassel were present.
The workshop started with a presentation of the “EU-Rate”- project and then the programming started. All participants tested the MaqueenPlus and were thrilled about all the possible activities with it. After that they formed different groups and tried the EU-Bot or the Boson-Kit.
At the end of the event all participants gave us feedback and wanted to be involved with the project. Thank you very much for your attendance!


Last February 15th, a Short Term Action for teachers took place, which allowed to learn and exchange experiences of teaching robotics in primary and secondary schools. This action was, simultaneously, the “Multiplier Event” of the EU-RATE project, an Erasmus project involving four European countries, which aims to make robotics teaching accessible to all all European students. In an afternoon of experiences and sharing, teachers from several areas, including sciences, arts, literature and technologies, tested the products being developed in the project, in order to give suggestions for improvement. To those present, it was also possible to reflect on the robotics potentiality in different training contexts. The group of four teachers from the Barcelinhos High School, who lead the project on behalf of Portugal, thanks the availability of the 9 colleagues from different schools from Barcelos and Esposende, and welcomes the willingness that the teachers have to learn and evolve in order to improve their teaching skills. teachers have to learn and evolve for the sake of the future and new opportunities for students.